Thank you for your continued support in our efforts to reclaim our space in 1A Tower Street. Believe it or not, it has been ONE YEAR since the Actors Centre membership was dissolved and our building repurposed as Seven Dials Playhouse. We are ramping up our efforts to influence the Board of Trustees to reinstate a weekly training programme and we urge you to join us.

Sign our collective letter on to the Board of Trustees

The letter can be found at:

Please share it with as many actors, creatives, friends and colleagues as you can. The greater the number of signatures the bigger our collective message and the more powerful our voice.

Stand together – In addition, join us on the 29th of November opposite Seven Dials Playhouse at noon when we hand the collective letter in. Actors’ voices matter. Your voice matters.

Share your testimonial – another way to get involved is that you may wish to write your own brief note to the Board of Trustees, or the board members individually (names and addresses below) to tell them you want the return of regular classes and a supportive environment for our profession. Individual testimonies are very impactful. It doesn’t need to be longer than a sentence or two. And hand-written is every bit as powerful as typed. Maybe more so! Bring your personal letter on the 29 th of November for handing in. If you are unable to attend on the 29th , pop it in the post to the following address:

To be opened by the addressee only
The Board of Trustees
Seven Dials Playhouse
1A Tower Street

If you want to send individual letters, you can post them at the same address to:

– Andrew Subramaniam, Acting Chair, Board of Trustees
– Ian Nichol, Board of Trustees
– Jamie Wilkes, Board of Trustees
– Faye Castelow, Board of Trustees
– Elliot Barnes-Worrell, Board of Trustees

It’s your Centre. Reclaim your space.

And thank you from all of us on The Team.